Demo Day

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Why are we here.

Mike's Bikes Portishead grew out of the basic desire to have a bike shop in our town. After some years of waiting for someone else to open one it was obvious that either we did it or it would never happen.  Unfortunately nothing can replace a local bike shop. Chain stores are never well staffed and online stores never come close to the same level of quality.

The need for a good, local and available workshop was also very obvious, the 6 week wait in the Bristol stores was a bit too much. So when you are called Mike and you want a bike shop there is only one outcome - Mike's Bikes.

100% Service - nothing less.

Here at Mike's Bikes we understand that minor issues can add up to a whole load of problems. We always aim to give 100% service to each and every customer. 

We only work with companies who make quality products and back them with full replacement warranty. If you find fault with any product you buy from us, just pop it back and we will sort it for you. If you have any problems with any work undertaken by our workshop, drop back in and we will sort it out as quickly as we can.

What we sell and why.

One question is the basis of all our product choices.

As a keen cyclist would I buy that product myself?

The rest is easy, if we believe a product is good quality, value for money and most importantly suitable for our customers then we sell it. If it fails in any of these we don't sell it. You will often find us using new products personally (at our own cost) before we put them up for sale to make sure they are good enough for our customers.

Riding a bike gets you around at the perfect speed. Fast enough to get where you are going and slow enough to enjoy the journey.