bike fitting

by Pedal Performance


Pedal Performance are our in-house bike fitting consultants. Owner Pete is an enthusiastic Triathlete who has represented Great Britain Age-Group Teams at European and World Championships. He has experience in all aspects of bike fitting and riding technique and is a British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective and economical way to improve your riding experience. By achieving the best fit, you can maximise your efficiency, gain better control, or even get rid of that painful spot you've had while riding.

Pete will use the SmartFit static laser fitting system to accurately scan your body dimensions and bike setup. A full history of your cycling career and physical abilities is taken allowing Pete to achieve the best fit for your bike.

Contact Pete at Pedal Performance for more information or to make a booking.
07850 331033


Price List

Smartfit Q1 Bike Sizing

Uses lazer measurement to enable a non-contact body scan when sizing a new bike. Provides settings and geometric data to ensure you are riding the correct bike type and size. 

Bike sizing using database of cycles with more than 40 makes of bike - £50

Smartfit Q4 Sport Fit

Ergonomic consultation and bike fitting for the new and sport riders. A non-contact body scan and high-precision bike measurement by means of laser technology.

Bike Fit Sport including body and bike scan - £100
Bike Fit Sport for subsequent bike - £25

Smartfit Q5 Pro Fit

The bike-fitting system used by professionals. Combines dynamic video movement analysis with non-contact body scan and high-precision bike scan with laser technology. Shows sitting position live on the bike, enables biomechanical analyses and provides settings and geometries.

Bike Fit Pro including dynamic fitting with video analysis - £150
Bike Fit Pro including dynamic fitting and video analysis for subsequent bike - £40