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Why are we here.

Mike's Bikes Portishead grew out of the basic desire to have a bike shop in our town. After some years of waiting for someone else to open one it was obvious that either we did it or it would never happen.  Unfortunately nothing can replace a local bike shop. Chain stores are never well staffed and online stores never come close to the same level of quality.

The need for a good, local and available workshop was also very obvious, the 6 week wait in the Bristol stores was a bit too much. So when you are called Mike and you want a bike shop there is only one outcome - Mike's Bikes.

100% Service - nothing less.

Here at Mike's Bikes we understand that minor issues can add up to a whole load of problems. We always aim to give 100% service to each and every customer. 

We only work with companies who make quality products and back them with full replacement warranty. If you find fault with any product you buy from us, just pop it back and we will sort it for you. If you have any problems with any work undertaken by our workshop, drop back in and we will sort it out as quickly as we can.

What we sell and why.

One question is the basis of all our product choices.

As a keen cyclist would I buy that product myself?

The rest is easy, if we believe a product is good quality, value for money and most importantly suitable for our customers then we sell it. If it fails in any of these we don't sell it. You will often find us using new products personally (at our own cost) before we put them up for sale to make sure they are good enough for our customers.

Riding a bike gets you around at the perfect speed. Fast enough to get where you are going and slow enough to enjoy the journey.


Our fully equipped workshop offers a range of servicing options. If it is broken, we can fix it

We are an approved Shimano Service Centre and able to undertake all your bike maintenance needs. 

From a Standard Service on your bike to a full rebuild, we offer all levels of servicing for all levels of bike.

Please contact us to make a booking.

FROM £40 excluding parts
Recommended for newer bikes or bikes with low use


  • Brakes checked (new pads fitted if required)

  • Gears checked and realigned

  • Cranks checked and correctly adjusted

  • Headset and handlebar assembly checked and adjusted

  • Tyres checked and inflated to correct pressure

  • Any further recommended work advised and quoted

  • Bike safety checked, test ridden and further adjustments made if necessary

FROM £80 excluding parts
Recommended for bikes used regularly for commuting or high mileage

As above, with the addition of:


  • Chain, cassette and chainset removed, washed, lubed and refitted to prolong life. Or replaced when worn at additional cost.

  • Frame and wheels wiped clean

  • Wheels checked for wear, hub servicing is quoted

  • Any further recommended work advised and quoted

From £150 and Includes bar tape and cable set worth £50
Our premier service recommended for high mileage or high end bikes. Bike is completely stripped, cleaned and rebuilt for an ‘As New’ feeling.

  • Bike test ridden, inspected for creaks and clicks

  • Bike fully stripped down to bare frame. Steam cleaned, polished and checked for damage or cracks

  • Complete drivetrain removal, including pedals, chainset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, and both derailleurs. All parts washed, lubed and refitted (and replaced where necessary).

  • All inner & outer cables replaced

  • Gears set, aligned and checked

  • Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted

  • Wheels trued, hubs serviced where necessary and re-fitted

  • Brakes adjusted, pads cleaned or replaced

  • Headset stripped, bearings cleaned or replaced

  • Handlebar assembly torqued and safety checked

  • Tyres checked and inflated to correct pressure

  • Bike safety checked, test ridden and further adjustments made if necessary


All other repair work is carried out at £50 per hour and will be fully quoted before being carried out dependent on requirements.

For more information please contact shop@mikesbikes-portishead.com


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bike fitting

by Pedal Performance


Pedal Performance are our in-house bike fitting consultants. Owner Pete is an enthusiastic Triathlete who has represented Great Britain Age-Group Teams at European and World Championships. He has experience in all aspects of bike fitting and riding technique and is a British Cycling Level 3 Coach.

Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective and economical way to improve your riding experience. By achieving the best fit, you can maximise your efficiency, gain better control, or even get rid of that painful spot you've had while riding.

Pete will use the SmartFit static laser fitting system to accurately scan your body dimensions and bike setup. A full history of your cycling career and physical abilities is taken allowing Pete to achieve the best fit for your bike.

Contact Pete at Pedal Performance for more information or to make a booking.

07850 331033


Price List


Cleat alignment using Shimano fitting tool. Ensures correct foot position on the pedals to help prevent injury and increase power.


Smartfit Q1 Bike Sizing

Uses lazer measurement to enable a non-contact body scan when sizing a new bike. Provides settings and geometric data to ensure you are riding the correct bike type and size. 

Bike sizing using database of cycles with more than 40 makes of bike - £50

Smartfit Q4 Sport Fit

Ergonomic consultation and bike fitting for the new and sport riders. A non-contact body scan and high-precision bike measurement by means of laser technology.

Bike Fit Sport including body and bike scan - £100

Bike Fit Sport for subsequent bike - £25

Cleat alignment using Shimano fitting tool - £15

Smartfit Q5 Pro Fit

The bike-fitting system used by professionals. Combines dynamic video movement analysis with non-contact body scan and high-precision bike scan with laser technology. Shows sitting position live on the bike, enables biomechanical analyses and provides settings and geometries.

Bike Fit Pro including dynamic fitting with video analysis & cleat alignment - £160

Bike Fit Pro including dynamic fitting and video analysis for subsequent bike - £40

Really experienced and friendly. Being new to the sport, Pete provided me with lots of advice and recommendations. Bike fits perfectly! Would definitely recommend!
— Lucy, Wrington

Pete took great care and was very professional. He showed an abundance of patience, continually making very small adjustments until he was absolutely satisfied. But the real test was when I rode John O Groats to Lands End in 8 days, roughly 120 miles per day. My comfort on the bike, particularly across my shoulders and lower back was great, way better than my co riders, legs still got tired but all in all despite 8 hours in the saddle each day I felt pretty good thanks to having a professional fit carried out.
— Gareth, Lower Langford

Helen and I wanted to say a big thank you for your time, patience and guidance during our recent bike fit. We have waited a little while before emailing so we could see how the bikes felt after the adjustments you made. As you know Helen is quite inexperienced and we are training together for a 100 mile charity ride later in the year. The bike fit has really helped, firstly and most importantly she feels much more confident on the bike now as she can reach all controls more easily which has made her bike handling better. You made a number of very small adjustments and advised changing the stem, the results are greater confidence, no discomfort and she is really enjoying her cycling. Brilliant job. For myself you worked on two bikes (road bike and gravel bike), it was really good to have you explain everything In such an easy to understand manner. The small changes of position in seat height, front/rear position compared to pedal/cleat etc. have made a real difference. Firstly I am a bit quicker than I used to be and secondly my back and neck (where I have a history of problems) are not suffering discomfort during long rides (over 60 miles) like I used to. All in all really pleased with the bike fit and would recommend you to anyone.
— Helen and Richard, Taunton.

I can highly recommend Pete for a bike fit knowledgeable friendly guy who knows his stuff it will transform your cycling for the better.
— Kevin Phillips

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The best way to get hold of us is to pop into the shop for a chat. We are always happy to help out with any problem, big or small.

If you can't get down to see us feel free to contact us by phone, email or by using the form. Don't worry if we don't get back to you straight away, we are probably fixing bikes. 


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